#1 Decentralized finance

This concept, called decentralized finance, De-Fi, is one of the important elements of the blockchain network and is an innovative concept that can completely break away from the centralized transmission/reception system. NTP representative example of centralized finance is banking. Banks participate in interpersonal transactions to check transaction details and participate directly. It can be tracked and exposed to the risk of hacking.

The DeFi you dreamed of.

NTP token pursues De-Fi and provides various benefits and business to realize this.


Why Choose Network Protocol


Network Protocol(NTP)

NTP token pursues De-Fi and provides various benefits and business to realize this. NTP deposits cryptocurrency, mortgage loans, funding, and peer-to-peer investments to encourage many activities in decentralized finance. Currently, these financial activities are subordinated to a centralized system, making it a good market for De-Fi to enter and innovate.


NTP business

Staking is the core service of this project and the concept of building a strong De-Fi ecosystem. By limiting the amount of circulating in the market extremely, it recruits investors to a small number and divides the number of staking by order to create a safer and more secure system to share benefits with many investors. These actions further solidify the De-Fi ecosystem and enable a leap forward with collateral loans and P2P services.


The total number of tokens issued is 200,000,000 and is distributed according to the purpose. The amount sold or distributed in the market is not arbitrarily manipulated by the Foundation, and all uses of the token are intended to achieve value increase. It is used as a good. In addition, in consideration of the increase in token price, the market volume is adjusted and various We enforce a double policy and secure the token price of investors.


Dedicated to increasing user staking income

Deposit crypto and earn rewards




Locked Staking is the process of holding funds in a cryptocurrency wallet to support the operations of a blockchain network.

Crypto Loan


Get a loan secured by your crypto assets. Guaranteed approval.



What is Locked Staking?

The staked tokens are locked up for a period of time and are not distributed in the market, increasing the value of the token.

Investors can earn huge profits by receiving profit and interest at the price of the increased token. Items other than those owned by the foundation are kept in a trusted thirdparty notary company to ensure strict security and used for compensation purposes only. Therefore, the staking service brings a lot of benefits to NTP investors.

Can I make a profit with NTP?

Most of the NTP's stock is set as profits to investors.

This is a strategic allotment to prevent the Foundation's monopoly and the monopoly of some investors. The project is carried out in consideration of the realization of De-Fi finance, securing more users, and improvement of service quality, rather than the foundation's interests.

The NTP Foundation operates very fairly and transparently, and this fact will return a lot of benefit to investors.